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Want to Step into Johan Cruyff Shoes? - Cruyff Trainers

Who Wants to Step into Johan Cruyff Shoes?

Everybody remembers the famous Dutch footballer Johan Cruyff. Did you also know that he has a range of men's footwear inspired by him? The Cruyff trainers are a low profile design, based on the look of football boots. They're available in a range of vivid colours, as well as the standard black and white and more subtle patterened style of sports shoe. Choose from a patent leather or perforated suede shoe.

After making a big impact on the fashion scene in 2009 the Cruyff brand of premium leather sneakers have become extremely popular with trendy young things everywhere. The snug football boot fit means they're really comfortable as well as making a big style statement.

You can pick up a pair of Cruyff trainers from Aspecto. We love them and can guarantee that they'll attract a lot of attention when you wear them.

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