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New trends in the world of perfumeries [Guest Post]

Perfume fashion, just like any other fashion has its trends and seasonal preferences. There are a lot of perfumes that don’t stay long in production; they are trendy just for one season and get forgotten easily. At the same time, some of the scents are timeless and will always be in fashion. For example, women all over the world still chose Chanel No 5.

This year’s fashionable scents, such as gold amber, orchid, pear and tomato leaf will most likely remain poplar in the next season. At the same time perfume fashion does not only depend on the trendy scents, it gets affected by various aspects of the industry. Here is the list of the hottest perfume trends for the upcoming year.

Celebrity Fever

A lot of celebrities jump on the perfume bandwagon in their pursuit of more money and fame. Some celebrity perfumes are successful, while majority of them are disastrous. In the past years celebrities like Justin Bieber, JLo, Madonna and even Lady Gaga were able to create and present their perfume sensations. Even though Katy Perry, Snooki and Paris Hilton failed to present a balanced scent, the fashion on celebrity perfumes is not going anywhere. People will keep buying it regardless of the fact that these perfumes often smell like cupcakes.

Chain Store Perfumes

If you buy a lot of clothes from the same store and you genuinely adore one lingerie chain then you most likely will buy the perfume offered by the same chain. For example, Victoria Secret does not only sell sexy lingerie, it sells an image of a sexy woman. Underwear, bikinis and perfumes will make the image complete. Victoria Secret’s seductive smells are supposed to make women feel special.
Even though brands like Max Mara or Zara don’t specialize on beauty products, they still sell perfumes to complete the chosen outfit.

Packaging and presentation

A good presentation of a perfume is half the battle already. Companies try hard to create new bottles and designs for their products. Justin Bieber’s Someday comes in a bottle with a pink flower. It also has a Biebericious pendant attached to it. Justin’s fans would do anything to become closer to the star and the pendant is making his perfume even more attractive.
Kenzo is known for extravagant, yet very stylish advertising campaigns. Perfumes by Kenzo are not only elegant and fresh; they are also bottled in a way that attracts a lot of attention.

             Organic fashion

Most of the fragrances you see are made from chemicals and have little to do with actual flower oils and scents. Some people might even have allergic reactions to them. Even though chemical free perfumes are still new on the market, this niche has a great potential. A lot of people prefer living an organic lifestyle; they buy green food and washing powder, clothes and beauty products. ‘Green’ perfume is a part of this lifestyle too. Organic perfumes contain all-natural ingredients and even have therapeutic effect. They are good for you and good for the nature!

Disclaimer: This post was written by Simon from on behalf of their client

Simon is a Blog owner and regular contributor for various Blogs from Europe but likes to write in various other topics and fields and prides himself in being a versatile professional writer.

Wristbands: HOw Wristbands Have Been Used to Create Awarenessss | Charity

Wristbands -A Way To Make An Impact

Most of us have seen people who wear special cause wristbands at some point in our lives, and many of us even have some of our own that we wear on occasion as a way to show our support for a cause that we deeply believe in. However, what some people do not realize is the huge impact that these different wristbands can have on the cause that they look to serve. However, the truth is that these bands have been used for years as a way of raising money, awareness, popularity and support for various different organizations and important causes, making a huge difference in the world for such a small, rubber bracelet.

Perhaps the first instance of these wristbands that a lot of people seem to recall the most is that of the popular "Livestrong" bracelets that made it big several years back. These were simple yellow bracelets that were used to support cancer research through the Lance Armstrong Foundation. This foundation was begun by a world famous athlete and biker who was diagnosed with testicular cancer many years ago. And while the bracelets were typically only a dollar to buy, it seemed as though just about everyone had at least one of these. Not only did they become a fashion statement, but they raised a significant amount of money for cancer research and lead to the popularity of these wristbands as a whole as a way of supporting an important cause.

Perhaps the next big thing that we saw with wristbands were the pink Breast Cancer Awareness ones, many of which are still in circulation and still being sold today. These were started by the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which was established decades ago in an attempt to begin funding research on breast cancer. Once the small, pink wristband bracelets, imprinted with the breast cancer ribbon, were sold on the market, it seemed as though just about everyone wanted one. As a result, the foundation ended up raising a significant amount of money for research and many advancements in cancer research were made, thanks to these wristbands.

Overall, wristbands have been a great way to show support for a cause while donating money to it at the same time. In fact, there are now even companies that will custom print these wristbands for just about anyone, so that anyone can have them made with their own message on them as a way of promotion something that is special or means a lot to them. These have been used as fundraising for schools throughout the country and as a way to spread the word about different causes that people believe to be important as well.

As has been seen over the past decade or so, it does not take something extravagant to get the word out about a cause that is important. In fact, these wristbands are proof that any cause can gain steam with the right amount of supporters and just a little bit of effort put into it.
For more information of effective wristbands designs your can visit this site.

Turn your Love Story into a Sweeter one with Special Valentines Gifts

Is there a lady in your life, who has filled your life with all her charm, beauty and perfection to make it a happy one? This upcoming valentine’s day will be surely special for your love, then.

Make this Valentine’s Day special with perfect valentines gifts
Well, Valentine’s day is undoubtedly a great day for sharing love with the lady of your life. However, a superb gift complements the celebration in  a better way to turn it into a great one. Yes, the love you possess in your heart for the lady, is best expressed with a gift and she will be surely happy to receive such a special gift from you. Moreover, perfect valentines gifts depict your love, concern and care for her, which cannot be expressed merely in words.

Wonderful valentines gifts for her
Such a superb valentines gift can be Personalised Be My Valentine Handbag Compact Mirror. Yes, what can be a better gift than a mirror for the face that is the inspiration of your life? Yes, a mirror as a gift for your lady love is the best because this gift helps her to feel that she looks good.
The Personalised Be My Valentine Handbag Compact Mirror is a lovely gift for your lady valentines and a perfect and unusual replacement of the gifts, like flowers and chocolates.

Yes, it is useful!!

These make perfect valentines gifts because these come with a message “Be My Valentine...?” and a little heart engraved on it. This silver plated compact mirror is shaped like a handbag and small in size, for which it fits the grips of your sweet heart’s hands perfectly. Even, she can keep it in her bag.

If your girl is possessive about her looks, this makes a perfect gift for her. Whenever she will use the mirror to see her face, it will remind her of you and you can definitely expect a sweet smile on her face all the time. 

Make it better
Since, this comes with a personalisation option, you get to convey a special message to your love in a special way. With such valentines gifts, your Valentine’s Day will be really a memorable one.
So, start a new journey with a great  and sweet love story from this upcoming valentine’s day, because you live your life only for once.

Winter Boots For 2012

With your sexy halloween costumes buried deep down in your closets, now is the time to welcome the winters in style. There’s no footwear that helps you make a better sex appeal than a nice pair of boots.
Winter Boots continue to remain the favorites for women all over the world because they provide protection from the cruel winters and are chic, at the same time. There are many types of boots you can choose from –

1. Boots with Fur, Faux Fur and Shearling – Winter boots with faux fur and a trim of shearling are the trend of the season. Apart from the usual appearance of fur in sporty and practical styles, it is seen to be making an appearance everywhere, be it casual, heeled or dressier occasions. Fashion boots are seen to be getting a lot of fluffy add-ons and are a must buy this season.

2. Quilted and Sporty Boots – Quilted boots have made a strong comeback and are hitting stores all over. These not only do their traditional job of protecting you from cold but also give you bonus points for being fashionable but comfortable. Tuck your slim fitted jeans inside these boots and you have a winner look.

3. Boots With Heels – Heeled boots are known for their suave and sexy look. They are also preferred over stilettos because they are much more comfortable for walking. This season, the market is seen getting flooded with boots with wedged heels. You can go for mid or short heels as they go well with skirts. Tall boots with heels are good for the fun outings with friends.

4. Ankle Boots – Ankle boots add a lot of funk to any outfit, especially dresses and skirts. These were traditionally worn under trousers but now seem to be featuring with everything but trousers. It is a worthy addition to your shoe collections.
5. Thigh High Boots – These reach up to the thighs, as the name suggests. They are usually paired with mini dresses and tunics but can be used with other outfits as well. If you are feeling a little casual, wear an oversized sweater with some contrasting tights and get these boots on. It will give you a casual yet stylish look.

6. Cowboy Boots – Wear this on a not so cold winter day with a nice flowing skirt and top. Or you can pair it up with washed denims and a t-shirt. They also look good with cocktail dresses but remember to accessorize with a lot of funky jewellery. They are very comfortable to wear and look good with almost everything.

Other common types of boots include Wellington boots and knee length boots. Snow boots are also trending a lot this season. Remember to accessorize well and keep your outfit in mind while choosing boots. Boots add zing to your clothes and you can never own enough of them.

Kim Rodrigues is a fashion expert and a party animal. You can order theme party supplies online from her favorite website,

Hot Grecian Style Cocktail Dresses

You don’t have to be Greek to pull off the hottest new trend - Grecian style cocktail dresses! Party season is coming up and whether you want to look hot for your Christmas work party or dress to impress for the New Year’s Eve countdown a Grecian style party frock will have the men clamouring to your side!

The new trend is not defined in a specific way but Grecian style party frocks use excess material for a flattering draping effect. It’s not all white and gold however there is a wide range of styles from full on glamour floor length numbers to cute mini dresses to show of those Grecian pins. I personally love the one shoulder styles, for a flash of flesh that oozes sex appeal. As well as different cuts and lengths there are also loads of different fabrics and colours to choose from.

If you want to stand out from the rest you could chooses a festive red colour or go for a glittery glam look with a sprinkling of sequins.

This style of dress is flattering for women of all shapes and sizes it’s not just models that can pull it off.

The draping effect can hide that bit of tummy you don’t like to have exposed and can also add curves to boyish figures so you can feel feminine and sexy no matter what your dress size is. The celebs have been rocking this look since all the way back in 2009 when Cameron Diaz was seen on the red carpet wearing a stunning white dress for her film premiere. Celebs from Megan Fox to The Duchess of Cambridge herself have rocked the Grecian cocktail dress so make sure you get in the action this year too! Accessories should be kept at a minimum to really show off the dress but make sure you get a nice pair of heels to really complete the look.

Making A Big Boobie and Going Bust!

Making A Big Boobie and Going Bust!

Figured I'd share a wee bit of #linklove on a hilarious post about ideal boobs and how so many brands mis-sell sexy and fashionable items to convince you that you will look absolutely stunningly gorgeous in their sets of over shoulder boulder holders. This fabulous post on sure de-mystifies and illustrates the theory from fact and provides a personal reality on this bloggers frustrating experiences when bra/lingerie shopping. Hopefully you'll relate to this hilarious post and if you ever want to write and share a funny bra shopping experience with us please get in touch! We're on the look out for amusing anecdotes and guest posts on this subject.

~Your budding loyal blogger~


Got an amusing tail? "Write for us" :)

An Amazing Shop Window Jewellery Stand

An Amazing Shop Window Jewellery Stand

I found an amazing concept 3D render this afternoon whilst surfing online. I have lost the site in my history otherwise I would have credited the photo. But if anyone knows whose it is please get in contact so I can give credit where credit is due.

I was thinking that this would make a really good shop window display piece for pandora jewels, wrist bands and chunky urban style rings. I wouldn't imagine it in a wedding shop or anything romantically interwoven. This wouldn't display emotional jewellery...this would display tech chunk metal bars and sky blue clear gems amidst stressed steel/titanium/platinum jewellery sets comprising all the urban attitude that gets exuded in goth-mo circles. LoVe iT-a!

How to Keep the Appeal Intact for your Fashionable Items

How to Keep the Appeal Intact for your Fashionable Items

Retain the Charm of Your Jewellery Gift Items

If you are fashionable, you must have affinity towards the accessories. And jewelleries can be considered as the most lucrative fashion statement among the fashion experts. Therefore it is evident that fashionable people would love to collect different jewelleries in order to get them updated with the current fashion scenario.

Whenever you are buying various jewellery items, it is to be noted that you need to preserve these fashionable jewelleries safely to retain the charm of these items. In order to maintain the allure of your jewellery, you have to follow some simple steps.

  • You have to clean your jewellery with a cotton cloth which will ensure of the removal of the dirt from these items.
  • In order to keep your ornaments free from moisture, you need to wrap your accessories with a dry cloth that enables your jewellery to remain free from moistures.
  • You have to avoid keeping your valuables here and there. This will ensure not only the safety of your ornaments but also help you to maintain the allure of your ornaments.

However the best way to keep your ornaments safely is to put your fashionable accessories inside some jewellery box. Under such circumstances, the Glamour Girl Jewellery Box can be the perfect choice for your valuables. This item is perfect for those girls who would love to keep all their jewellery accessories in one place.

This dome shaped jewellery box is finished with a black and dark pink look. If you look at the top of the lid of this magnificent Glamour Girl Jewellery Box, you can find some design which looks like a silver necklace with a pink stone placed inside. The words ‘Glamour girl’ are placed on the top where the glamour is written in white whilst girl is beautifully printed in silver and dark pink. When you simply lift the lid of this exquisite jewellery box, you can see your face in a rectangular mirror set within the lid. Inside this charming Glamour Girl Jewellery Box, the words 'Girl Talk' are repeated many times in white and black.

There are three compartments inside this appealing box to store your different fashionable ornaments.

Author Bio: 

Michelle Smith is a blogger by profession and loves to write on various topic including fashion and has a keen interest on Glamour Girl Jewellery Box. For more information please contact me @

Betsey Johnson 2012 Spring Collection

Betsey Johnson 2012 Spring Collection

Betsey Johnson’s 2012 Spring/Summer Collection is one of her most sexual takes on clothes. This is coming of her release of her new Betsey Johnson Pink Patch line that she debuted for Fall 2011.

Always a powerful woman, she says her desire for this season’s line was to allow women to show “an attitude of pride and confidence” in their body.

Her clothes this season, at least on the runway, are very sheer and can at times resemble lingerie with copious amounts of lacing and skin tight clothing. But her sweet plus sexy appeal is still present in her floral dresses and eccentric accessories.

                                       Photos from Getty Images

For a generation growing up idolising Lady Gaga, this is the perfect fit.

5 Strangest Celebrity Outfits of 2011

5 Strangest Celebrity Outfits of 2011

Every year, there are a handful of celebrities that wear outrageous outfits to break away from the ordinary. While fashionistas all over the world turn to celebrities to get an idea of the latest fashion trends, there are some outfits that you want to stay clear of. In 2011, celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga became known not only for their music, but also for their bizarre wardrobe. Here are the five strangest outfits we saw worn by celebrities in 2011:


1: Nicki Minaj at the Video Music Awards

While Nicki Minaj is known for her bizarre outfits, we are still baffled over what she was thinking when she put this on. Is it a dress or did she drench herself in glue and run through a toy store? 

Our team unanimously voted this outfit as the strangest one worn in 2011! What will she think of next?

2: Lady Gaga at the Grammys

Traditionally, one walks into a show and stops along the red carpet to talk photos... 

...That is, unless you are Lady Gaga being carried into the Grammys. 
While her outfit was certainly unique and different, I don’t think we’ve ever seen anyone carried by four men into the Grammys in a giant egg!

3: Katy Perry at the Grammys

While Lady Gaga had a rather untraditional entrance to the 2011 Grammys, Katy Perry also made some head turns with her angel outfit. 

At first glance, we were a little confused at what she was wearing, until we noticed the wings on her back. Although she certainly looked as beautiful as an angel, we wonder how many people would refer to her as one.  

4: Nicki Minaj at the American Music Awards


We’ve seen Nicki wear stranger outfits this year, but have you ever seen anyone wear heels so high that they can barely walk? After winning the award for best hip hop video with Super Bass, Nicki needed help walking to the podium to accept her award. It took her over a minute to walk across stage and she nearly fell several times along the way. Strange and outrageous outfits are ok; just make sure you can get around in them!

5: Lady Gaga at the Video Music Awards

Just when you thought Lady Gaga couldn’t possibly come up with an outfit stranger than the meat one she wore last year, she has outdone herself again! Dressing as her male alter ego, you can barely recognize Gaga and many have mistaken her to actually be a man. What crazy outfit do you think she’ll come up with for the 2012 VMAs?

Author Bio: Adam enjoys following the latest celebrity fashion trends and news. From aviators to retro sunglasses, Adam enjoys helping customers find the perfect sunglasses to help them achieve the look of their favorite celebrities. When he isn’t busy at work, he enjoys golfing and traveling.  

Top hairstyle trends to look out for in 2012

Hairstyle trends are constantly changing and if you want to keep up with the latest and hottest look you will need to know what styles you should be fashioning and how to make them work so you will look and feel amazing.

Women’s hairstyle trends for 2012


What woman doesn’t look good with waves? Waves are back and they going to be in for 2012. The wavy style is a look that never dies and is always making a comeback to fashion. It is such a natural and relaxed style you can pull it off with any look. Don’t expect it to be confined to the beach though, city women will also be working this look by prepping it up with a little gloss and finish to transform it from beach to smart.

Wet Look

The wet look hasn’t died yet. It was in for 2011 and its trend will continue through to 2012, so if you haven’t clocked on to it yet, now is the time. This sleek and heavy style creates a very sophisticated and precise look. Just think shine and perfection and you will be on the right tracks.

Top Knots

Wearing your hair high on the head is the all new trend for 2012 and it will be hitting us hard. Top knots or buns directly placed on your crown are the way forward. Just take your hair, scrape it up high and do not worry if the end result is slightly messy or dishevelled as this is what gives it that super sexy edge.
Men’s hairstyle trends for 2012


Everyone loves it when men look a little rough and rugged around the edges and this style definitely promotes that look. If you have long or medium length hair then this could be the style for you, add a little product, scruff it all up and off you go. This look is especially advantageous for wavy or curly hair.

Classic Part

The classic part is one of elegance and sophistication. It is a style that can add value too, and enhance almost any look. This is one style to keep an eye on as it is set to be the main trend for 2012.

Slick Back

The slick back is one style that will never go out of fashion. It makes any outfit look casual whilst still remaining fashionable at the same time.

This guest post was written by Abigail. 
She is a freelance writer and designer who is currently studying the Canadian Lawyer Directory  and the Mortgage Directory Canada .

Fashion Sunglasses - Trends of 2012

Fashion Sunglasses - Trends of 2012

Fashion is the one word that has many diversified meanings. From time to time, we come across different adaptations of this word. Taking the world by storm, the followers of fashion make you stand up and take notice in the most unimaginable ways. Clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, almost everything under the sun is touched and redesigned by fashion. Of course, who can resist such appealing and visually delighting changes!

What is the one accessory that transcends time and current trends? Sunglasses for sure! Spectacular shades in many shapes, sizes, and irresistible colors are sported by celebrities and fashionistas alike. It doesn’t simply fall into oblivion all of a sudden. The 2012 fashion sunglass trends are going to remain almost the same. But one movie such as ‘Top Gun’ can change all that. Don’t you just love the sunglasses sported by Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, and many others actors during their movie previews and parties. 

If you are keen on following current trends then look no further than colorful shades in all hues. Bright attractive colors to earthy tomes are all ‘in’ for sunglasses.
You don’t need to feel awkward or shy to sport your favorite colored shades anymore. Spruce up your wardrobe by matching your outfits with classy sunglasses and draw attention in no time!

Photo Credit: Barson / Wireimage

Major designer houses across the globe are cashing in on the sunglasses frenzy and introduce new lines of their creations every season. It wouldn’t be any different this year. If you are brand specific, then check out the latest Fendi, Gucci, and Carrera shades that appeal to one and all. Need skin tone based shades? Prada, Vogue, Tom Ford have a vast collection of shades from oversized to cat eyes, that are sure to add a zing to your looks.  Cat eye shades are perfect for casual dates and parties with friends and bring out the star in you! Animal prints on the temples with embellished crystals are trademarks of classy shades that look cool on both men and women. Retro styles picks in rainbow colors make the joy of this season even more memorable.

Evergreen classic models like Aviator and Wayfarer are sure to get more fans this year. Some new variants may be rolled out to add to their charm. These classic models might have more masculine quality, but they can suit women equally well. Remember how many times Angelina Jolie has been spotted strutting her stuff in Aviators.

Unisex glasses are perfect gifts to your loved ones on any occasion throughout the year. Surprise them with a pair and make them love you more!

About the Author:

Alden Joel is the writer for It is an online store that houses a large collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses in a range of styles and colors. Prescription eyeglasses as well as sunglasses are offered at a budget-friendly price here.

Enrol for Make-Up Courses - Nail The Look!

Layering makeup can be compared to accessorising. A little bit of clever accessorising can be the key to nail any look - but if you max it out and overhaul what you wear - you will look hideous! when accessorising, if you feel yourself overhauling your entire wardrobe - then STRIP!!! Strip back, right back - au naturelle. It's the small finishing touches that make beautifying oneself work not ~ peacock masking!

Makeup and beauty is a fine art dating 1000's of years. Geisha's spent 10 hours a day perfecting their style, but don't worry...with a little education you can get the hot look that says "Hiiiii You!" in no time! Now unless you're doing some kind of flash mob, street theatre or are actually a Geisha - then an hours learning a day will work wonders in even the first year when you enrol in various Make Up courses that are available at the North West Media Make Up School. Want to learn how to perfect you makeup artistry on yourself or get work placements with TV production studios? Research each and every course and see which fits you!

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Is the Fashion World Exclusive Anymore?

Has the fashion industry lost it's exclusivity? It's awe? It's prestige? The fashion world used to be such an elite exclusive 'invite only' place. Now with connectivity at a peak and ever increasing...has this dawn faded? Can anyone who is anyone truly BE the fashionista that they thought they were born to be? Has a new sun of bloggers, tweeters and brand ambassadors jaded the attractive, seedy, exclusive and prestigious industry - or is the TRUE world of fashion living behind a tighter knit VIP bubble? Is the red sun rising as the fashion realm closes it's new set of doors? In a industry made up of tiny taught spinning hoops of entangled rencontre luxuriously soireeing through the night - is the heart of the fashion world more tolerant or less tolerant of outsiders?

How to Know When You Have Become A Fashionista

8 Reasons That Self Illuminate the Fact That You Have Become A Fashionista

Ever found yourself in these situations, or saying / thinking anything remotely like the proclamations below? Are you indeed a true fashionista? The truth will out...

8 Self Realisations Proclaiming: "...ohhhh....I...AM...a Fashionista":

1.) "Buying shoes makes me the happiest person in the world."

2.) I make a conscious effort to NEVER wear bootleg cut jeans.

3.) "I have worn a lace white dress with Dr Martens."

4.) "I don't know how many shoes I wear...100 pairs...", wincing, cheeks up, tilts head with a guilty squint "...maybe more?!??"

5.) "I clear out my wardrobe every season" - out with the old, in with the new.

6.) "I recognise the fact that every wardrobe should have a well-fitted white shirt."

7.) I blog about fashion, draw sketches, dye fabrics, and attend fashion school every day.

8.) I can't look at or even talk to a bloke who has no sense of taste when it comes to clothing.

Men's Jewellery - It's on the increase - Men aint shy to show their jewels

Jewellery and fashion have gone hand in hand for what seems like an eternity, using precious metals and rare stones, all incorporated in exciting and creative designs.  Men often have the excuse to buy jewellery for their partners on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas, sometimes they are even required by tradition to buy jewellery when proposing engagement.  

It may surprise you to know that it is not just men who buy jewellery for women, in recent years Mens Jewellery has become more and more popular and many women purchase jewellery for their partners or husbands. 
Mens jewellery includes items such as eternity rings, bracelets and necklaces and is mostly made out of metals such as silver and gold.  The range of mens jewellery available to buy continues to increase as it becomes ever more popular, due to the many male celebrities who wear it. 

Chunky Funky KIERA MAUVE Reading Glasses

Mmm Mmmm Mmmmmmm Kiera Mauve!
The Sassiest Chunkiest Fashion Readers Around...

"Chunky Funky KIERA MAUVE Reading Glasses"
For many people glasses are an essential piece of equipment and part of everyday life, and whilst some people may feel conscious, reserved and feel insecure about the frames they wear - you really don't have to adopt this stereotype. Bamboozle everyone with the personality you exude when wearing the funkiest of fashion readers. People wear glasses for a variety of different reasons, for example if they are short or long sighted and require glasses to correct their vision or on the other hand if they have really wonky cross eyed expressions - these thick readers can act as a fair deterrent - it all depends on how you 'hold' the look! :)

Sometimes "fashion" is the only reason to wear glasses and if that reflects your approach...'to accesorise to the max'...then you're gonna have to get the new funky chunk readers that I've seen at Sight Station like these sassy Kiera mauve reading glasses that appear to add 80 points on top anyone's IQ status and degree of intellectualism. Couple this with the occasional flirty smile and be safe in the knowledge that the guy you just walked past is now checking out your fine booty. Brainy is cool, sexy and brainy is seductive. What do you think to these alluring specs girls?

For people who need glasses for reading and want to look fashionable, there is a large range of funky reading glasses available to buy.  There are classic and understated designs, but also the more funky designs that will really get you noticed as a trendsetter.  For practicality and design, funky glasses are perfect...and draw droppingly lush!

Military Boots and Clothing | Proceeds Support Charity

Are you a fan of stylish military clothing? The many lines of apparel which seek to imitate the military style of uniforms and other types of gear have quite large followings who sport these fashions regularly and proudly.

Among the most popular and widely recognized military designs borrowed by modern fashion is undoubtedly the camouflage pattern worn by many. Many variations on this pattern exist, including: desert brush, urban track, and woodland track mod. Though some of these originally included black as one of their colors, that was later removed due to the infrequency with which the color is found in nature and how easy it was to target soldiers wearing it.

If you enjoy outdoor activities and extreme physical challenges, military clothing is a great choice since it is designed to withstand a wide range of climates and tough conditions. This type of clothing clearly placed the highest priority on functionality and practicality, making it an appealing choice for many men and even women today!

Jack Jones 1989 | Menswear company originating in Denmark

Part of the Bestseller menswear company based out of Denmark, Jack Jones has been one of Europe's most popular lines of men's clothing ever since it was founded back in 1989.

Jack Jones jeans is a brand that focuses on customization and is targeted towards men who prefer a more fashionable style of jeans that matches their personal identity.

Jack Jones offers four different lines of jeans, including: Premium, Premium Tech, Vintage and Intelligence. Each one has its own distinct sense of style and appeals to different types of men.

All four lines of Jack Jones are designed using the most trendy and popular fits and treatments. All clothing in the Jack Jones brand are easily combined with jeans within any of the four lines. This makes it simple and easy for the well groomed and fashion conscious man of any age to sport a much appreciated and individual look of their own.

Ascics Trainers - Top rated in the industry

Each year around the same time, many people grow anxious at the thought of bikini season rolling around yet again. How are you holding up? Don't let a mild case of love handles get you down on yourself!

Why not just approach your fitness needs face-on and start charging right into a healthier lifestyle today? Pretty tough to come up with a good answer for that question, wouldn't you agree?

Try starting simple - find yourself an exercise buddy and make a new habit of going on an invigorating jog each day together. Pace yourself until you build up a bit of stamina and then you can speed up and get to where the real action's at - running, of course!

When you reach this phase, the first thing you will need is a well designed and supportive running shoe. Asics trainers are among the top rated in the industry and their excellence has even been recognized by respected publications such as Runner's World magazine!

Asics designs many types of running shoes that cater to the different needs of each type of individual and you can always upgrade if you find yourself developing into a more serious runner later on.