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Interview with a Shop Girl

Guest Post written by Christa Jean of

'Interview with a Shop Girl'

Here's what a salesperson is really thinking...

I asked one of my favourite shop girls what I've always wondered....

Q1. Do you fib to customers and tell them they look great so you can earn your commission?

I never lie and say something looks good that looks bad. I don't receive commission, not all stores do and even if I did, it would never be worth it. I want to earn their customer loyalty, rather then one pressured sale.

Q2. Sometimes I feel as if I'm getting a hard sell, I feel pressured, why is this?
It could be that she really thinks it looks great on you, or she really likes a certain garment or label. Sometimes we do get wrapped up in what we love. The best thing to ask yourself is "do I feel great in this". Letting us know how great or not so great you feel will help us get familiar with your style so that we can serve you better.

Q3. Is it annoying when a customer has you help her for a long time and then doesn't buy anything?
Yes it is, but it's part of our job and we hope that you leave the store and you're still thinking about it and remembering our good service. The most annoying thing is when customers ask for discounts and complain about the price. We almost never have control over these things.

Q4. Do you lose your commission if I return an item?
In my sales experience (at numerous places), no.

Q5. Why do you always ask for a phone number and zip code?
The store wants your phone number so they can call and tell you about sales and special events. Sometimes they need to ask for your zip code for credit card security—also so they can track how many people from your area are shopping at the store.

Q6. If a salesperson is rude, what should I do?
Don't shop there, shopping should be a feel good experience! That's my job to help make that possible!

Q7. Is there a best time to shop?
Weekday mornings are often very quiet and you'll get a lot of personal attention

Q8. What can customers do to be better shoppers?
Be informed about store policies—sales, special events, returns, and exchanges. And be polite to me. It'll make me work harder to search for clothes in your size, and I'll tell you about upcoming sales.

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