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Enrol for Make-Up Courses - Nail The Look!

Layering makeup can be compared to accessorising. A little bit of clever accessorising can be the key to nail any look - but if you max it out and overhaul what you wear - you will look hideous! when accessorising, if you feel yourself overhauling your entire wardrobe - then STRIP!!! Strip back, right back - au naturelle. It's the small finishing touches that make beautifying oneself work not ~ peacock masking!

Makeup and beauty is a fine art dating 1000's of years. Geisha's spent 10 hours a day perfecting their style, but don't worry...with a little education you can get the hot look that says "Hiiiii You!" in no time! Now unless you're doing some kind of flash mob, street theatre or are actually a Geisha - then an hours learning a day will work wonders in even the first year when you enrol in various Make Up courses that are available at the North West Media Make Up School. Want to learn how to perfect you makeup artistry on yourself or get work placements with TV production studios? Research each and every course and see which fits you!

Here's the details:

Aqua Rosa
The North West Media Make-Up School
Telephone: 0161 431 0603
Address: Winsor House, Battersea Road, Heaton Mersey, Manchester, SK4 3EA

Is the Fashion World Exclusive Anymore?

Has the fashion industry lost it's exclusivity? It's awe? It's prestige? The fashion world used to be such an elite exclusive 'invite only' place. Now with connectivity at a peak and ever increasing...has this dawn faded? Can anyone who is anyone truly BE the fashionista that they thought they were born to be? Has a new sun of bloggers, tweeters and brand ambassadors jaded the attractive, seedy, exclusive and prestigious industry - or is the TRUE world of fashion living behind a tighter knit VIP bubble? Is the red sun rising as the fashion realm closes it's new set of doors? In a industry made up of tiny taught spinning hoops of entangled rencontre luxuriously soireeing through the night - is the heart of the fashion world more tolerant or less tolerant of outsiders?

How to Know When You Have Become A Fashionista

8 Reasons That Self Illuminate the Fact That You Have Become A Fashionista

Ever found yourself in these situations, or saying / thinking anything remotely like the proclamations below? Are you indeed a true fashionista? The truth will out...

8 Self Realisations Proclaiming: "...ohhhh....I...AM...a Fashionista":

1.) "Buying shoes makes me the happiest person in the world."

2.) I make a conscious effort to NEVER wear bootleg cut jeans.

3.) "I have worn a lace white dress with Dr Martens."

4.) "I don't know how many shoes I wear...100 pairs...", wincing, cheeks up, tilts head with a guilty squint "...maybe more?!??"

5.) "I clear out my wardrobe every season" - out with the old, in with the new.

6.) "I recognise the fact that every wardrobe should have a well-fitted white shirt."

7.) I blog about fashion, draw sketches, dye fabrics, and attend fashion school every day.

8.) I can't look at or even talk to a bloke who has no sense of taste when it comes to clothing.

Men's Jewellery - It's on the increase - Men aint shy to show their jewels

Jewellery and fashion have gone hand in hand for what seems like an eternity, using precious metals and rare stones, all incorporated in exciting and creative designs.  Men often have the excuse to buy jewellery for their partners on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas, sometimes they are even required by tradition to buy jewellery when proposing engagement.  

It may surprise you to know that it is not just men who buy jewellery for women, in recent years Mens Jewellery has become more and more popular and many women purchase jewellery for their partners or husbands. 
Mens jewellery includes items such as eternity rings, bracelets and necklaces and is mostly made out of metals such as silver and gold.  The range of mens jewellery available to buy continues to increase as it becomes ever more popular, due to the many male celebrities who wear it. 

Chunky Funky KIERA MAUVE Reading Glasses

Mmm Mmmm Mmmmmmm Kiera Mauve!
The Sassiest Chunkiest Fashion Readers Around...

"Chunky Funky KIERA MAUVE Reading Glasses"
For many people glasses are an essential piece of equipment and part of everyday life, and whilst some people may feel conscious, reserved and feel insecure about the frames they wear - you really don't have to adopt this stereotype. Bamboozle everyone with the personality you exude when wearing the funkiest of fashion readers. People wear glasses for a variety of different reasons, for example if they are short or long sighted and require glasses to correct their vision or on the other hand if they have really wonky cross eyed expressions - these thick readers can act as a fair deterrent - it all depends on how you 'hold' the look! :)

Sometimes "fashion" is the only reason to wear glasses and if that reflects your approach...'to accesorise to the max'...then you're gonna have to get the new funky chunk readers that I've seen at Sight Station like these sassy Kiera mauve reading glasses that appear to add 80 points on top anyone's IQ status and degree of intellectualism. Couple this with the occasional flirty smile and be safe in the knowledge that the guy you just walked past is now checking out your fine booty. Brainy is cool, sexy and brainy is seductive. What do you think to these alluring specs girls?

For people who need glasses for reading and want to look fashionable, there is a large range of funky reading glasses available to buy.  There are classic and understated designs, but also the more funky designs that will really get you noticed as a trendsetter.  For practicality and design, funky glasses are perfect...and draw droppingly lush!