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Implementing Pops of Orange into Your Wardrobe

Implementing Pops of Orange into Your Wardrobe                                                                            Written by Sierra Greenman

Bio: An ocean dreamer at heart and in real life, Sierra Greenman thrives on visiting and living near the beach and could never imagine herself anywhere else.  She recently ventured out into the freelance world and specializes in writing, social media, and graphic design. 
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I admit I’ve never been a huge fan of the color orange. I love eating oranges, but implementing orange into my wardrobe has always been a bit challenging. I’m afraid that it will make my skin look orange, since I have a lighter completion. However, I think I’ve been focusing on wearing an outfit where the entire outfit is orange, in a dress, for example. Instead I should be experimenting with orange by only implementing pops of orange into my wardrobe. That way I won't scare someone away with my complete orange ensemble, but instead I'll make them wish they had enabled pops of orange into their outfit to steal the show that day as well. (Editor note - That's a lot of oranges!)

You see, I've always stuck with my familiar style. I am a lover of pastels with my favorite colors being pink, blue, and the occasional green. I love rainbow like dresses with an array of colors and my other favorite items of clothing to wear are tunics with leggings. However, I think I need a change. I need to start by putting other colors into effect. I have a mission and it will begin with the color orange. I don't know if I would be so bold to wear orange pants as you see below, but demonstrating my theory of coordinating pops of color, I think this style can be done. Let's look at some other ways that splashes of orange can be achieved in an outfit.

Don't forget the nails! This fashionista did an amazing job of painting her nails orange and with the turquoise ring, beige top, and jeans; I am about ready to paint my nails orange right this minute.

Let's not forget about orange lips as well. This gives me hope that that you can have a lighter complexion, blonde hair, and pull off orange lips. With this model's green eyes, she looks positively enchanting.

I love this look above because with a black dress, an orange sweater looks radiant. In this photo, wearing an orange sweater never looked better.
I'm happy to say that after looking at all of these inspirational and fashionable photos, I believe wearing orange may not be as intimidating as it seems. It looks like candy, reminds me of the love that I had for orange soda pop as a child, and makes me wish that summer would never have to end. Plus, maybe in time I'll gain enough courage to wear an entire orange dress. Because, if Blake Lively can pull it off, then so can I. 

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Ocean Dreams said...

Thanks so much for this guest post - now I have to go out and find an orange outfit to wear! ;)