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Japanese fashionista modelling designer clothing ranges

Barbour Jackets (as seen at Seasons Clothing Ltd)

A European style originating from Scotland in the late nineteenth century, Barbour jackets (as seen at Seasons Clothing Ltd)  are still among the most treasured and popular apparel items in many locations around the globe.

Many fall for them simply for their universal appeal and versatility. Appropriate for both summer and winter alike, these wax jackets can easily be kept fresh year round by re-waxing. For a piece of clothing with such longevity and timeless adoration, Barbour jackets are priced mid-range and those who have owned just one have never raised an eyebrow over their value.

With Classic, Heritage and Modern Collections to choose from, the jackets are available in a variety of different styles. Each has their own unique features unlike any other brand or type of jacket made as well. Some of the more popular design characteristics include: game pockets, zippered breast pockets, neck straps, adjustable buckles and storm cuffs.

Barbour jackets are a fashion statement with a richer history than most trends we'll see on the streets today.

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