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Wristbands -A Way To Make An Impact

Most of us have seen people who wear special cause wristbands at some point in our lives, and many of us even have some of our own that we wear on occasion as a way to show our support for a cause that we deeply believe in. However, what some people do not realize is the huge impact that these different wristbands can have on the cause that they look to serve. However, the truth is that these bands have been used for years as a way of raising money, awareness, popularity and support for various different organizations and important causes, making a huge difference in the world for such a small, rubber bracelet.

Perhaps the first instance of these wristbands that a lot of people seem to recall the most is that of the popular "Livestrong" bracelets that made it big several years back. These were simple yellow bracelets that were used to support cancer research through the Lance Armstrong Foundation. This foundation was begun by a world famous athlete and biker who was diagnosed with testicular cancer many years ago. And while the bracelets were typically only a dollar to buy, it seemed as though just about everyone had at least one of these. Not only did they become a fashion statement, but they raised a significant amount of money for cancer research and lead to the popularity of these wristbands as a whole as a way of supporting an important cause.

Perhaps the next big thing that we saw with wristbands were the pink Breast Cancer Awareness ones, many of which are still in circulation and still being sold today. These were started by the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which was established decades ago in an attempt to begin funding research on breast cancer. Once the small, pink wristband bracelets, imprinted with the breast cancer ribbon, were sold on the market, it seemed as though just about everyone wanted one. As a result, the foundation ended up raising a significant amount of money for research and many advancements in cancer research were made, thanks to these wristbands.

Overall, wristbands have been a great way to show support for a cause while donating money to it at the same time. In fact, there are now even companies that will custom print these wristbands for just about anyone, so that anyone can have them made with their own message on them as a way of promotion something that is special or means a lot to them. These have been used as fundraising for schools throughout the country and as a way to spread the word about different causes that people believe to be important as well.

As has been seen over the past decade or so, it does not take something extravagant to get the word out about a cause that is important. In fact, these wristbands are proof that any cause can gain steam with the right amount of supporters and just a little bit of effort put into it.
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