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New trends in the world of perfumeries [Guest Post]

Perfume fashion, just like any other fashion has its trends and seasonal preferences. There are a lot of perfumes that don’t stay long in production; they are trendy just for one season and get forgotten easily. At the same time, some of the scents are timeless and will always be in fashion. For example, women all over the world still chose Chanel No 5.

This year’s fashionable scents, such as gold amber, orchid, pear and tomato leaf will most likely remain poplar in the next season. At the same time perfume fashion does not only depend on the trendy scents, it gets affected by various aspects of the industry. Here is the list of the hottest perfume trends for the upcoming year.

Celebrity Fever

A lot of celebrities jump on the perfume bandwagon in their pursuit of more money and fame. Some celebrity perfumes are successful, while majority of them are disastrous. In the past years celebrities like Justin Bieber, JLo, Madonna and even Lady Gaga were able to create and present their perfume sensations. Even though Katy Perry, Snooki and Paris Hilton failed to present a balanced scent, the fashion on celebrity perfumes is not going anywhere. People will keep buying it regardless of the fact that these perfumes often smell like cupcakes.

Chain Store Perfumes

If you buy a lot of clothes from the same store and you genuinely adore one lingerie chain then you most likely will buy the perfume offered by the same chain. For example, Victoria Secret does not only sell sexy lingerie, it sells an image of a sexy woman. Underwear, bikinis and perfumes will make the image complete. Victoria Secret’s seductive smells are supposed to make women feel special.
Even though brands like Max Mara or Zara don’t specialize on beauty products, they still sell perfumes to complete the chosen outfit.

Packaging and presentation

A good presentation of a perfume is half the battle already. Companies try hard to create new bottles and designs for their products. Justin Bieber’s Someday comes in a bottle with a pink flower. It also has a Biebericious pendant attached to it. Justin’s fans would do anything to become closer to the star and the pendant is making his perfume even more attractive.
Kenzo is known for extravagant, yet very stylish advertising campaigns. Perfumes by Kenzo are not only elegant and fresh; they are also bottled in a way that attracts a lot of attention.

             Organic fashion

Most of the fragrances you see are made from chemicals and have little to do with actual flower oils and scents. Some people might even have allergic reactions to them. Even though chemical free perfumes are still new on the market, this niche has a great potential. A lot of people prefer living an organic lifestyle; they buy green food and washing powder, clothes and beauty products. ‘Green’ perfume is a part of this lifestyle too. Organic perfumes contain all-natural ingredients and even have therapeutic effect. They are good for you and good for the nature!

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