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Fashion Sunglasses - Trends of 2012

Fashion Sunglasses - Trends of 2012

Fashion is the one word that has many diversified meanings. From time to time, we come across different adaptations of this word. Taking the world by storm, the followers of fashion make you stand up and take notice in the most unimaginable ways. Clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, almost everything under the sun is touched and redesigned by fashion. Of course, who can resist such appealing and visually delighting changes!

What is the one accessory that transcends time and current trends? Sunglasses for sure! Spectacular shades in many shapes, sizes, and irresistible colors are sported by celebrities and fashionistas alike. It doesn’t simply fall into oblivion all of a sudden. The 2012 fashion sunglass trends are going to remain almost the same. But one movie such as ‘Top Gun’ can change all that. Don’t you just love the sunglasses sported by Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, and many others actors during their movie previews and parties. 

If you are keen on following current trends then look no further than colorful shades in all hues. Bright attractive colors to earthy tomes are all ‘in’ for sunglasses.
You don’t need to feel awkward or shy to sport your favorite colored shades anymore. Spruce up your wardrobe by matching your outfits with classy sunglasses and draw attention in no time!

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Major designer houses across the globe are cashing in on the sunglasses frenzy and introduce new lines of their creations every season. It wouldn’t be any different this year. If you are brand specific, then check out the latest Fendi, Gucci, and Carrera shades that appeal to one and all. Need skin tone based shades? Prada, Vogue, Tom Ford have a vast collection of shades from oversized to cat eyes, that are sure to add a zing to your looks.  Cat eye shades are perfect for casual dates and parties with friends and bring out the star in you! Animal prints on the temples with embellished crystals are trademarks of classy shades that look cool on both men and women. Retro styles picks in rainbow colors make the joy of this season even more memorable.

Evergreen classic models like Aviator and Wayfarer are sure to get more fans this year. Some new variants may be rolled out to add to their charm. These classic models might have more masculine quality, but they can suit women equally well. Remember how many times Angelina Jolie has been spotted strutting her stuff in Aviators.

Unisex glasses are perfect gifts to your loved ones on any occasion throughout the year. Surprise them with a pair and make them love you more!

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