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Enrol for Make-Up Courses - Nail The Look!

Layering makeup can be compared to accessorising. A little bit of clever accessorising can be the key to nail any look - but if you max it out and overhaul what you wear - you will look hideous! when accessorising, if you feel yourself overhauling your entire wardrobe - then STRIP!!! Strip back, right back - au naturelle. It's the small finishing touches that make beautifying oneself work not ~ peacock masking!

Makeup and beauty is a fine art dating 1000's of years. Geisha's spent 10 hours a day perfecting their style, but don't worry...with a little education you can get the hot look that says "Hiiiii You!" in no time! Now unless you're doing some kind of flash mob, street theatre or are actually a Geisha - then an hours learning a day will work wonders in even the first year when you enrol in various Make Up courses that are available at the North West Media Make Up School. Want to learn how to perfect you makeup artistry on yourself or get work placements with TV production studios? Research each and every course and see which fits you!

Here's the details:

Aqua Rosa
The North West Media Make-Up School
Telephone: 0161 431 0603
Address: Winsor House, Battersea Road, Heaton Mersey, Manchester, SK4 3EA

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