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Chunky Funky KIERA MAUVE Reading Glasses

Mmm Mmmm Mmmmmmm Kiera Mauve!
The Sassiest Chunkiest Fashion Readers Around...

"Chunky Funky KIERA MAUVE Reading Glasses"
For many people glasses are an essential piece of equipment and part of everyday life, and whilst some people may feel conscious, reserved and feel insecure about the frames they wear - you really don't have to adopt this stereotype. Bamboozle everyone with the personality you exude when wearing the funkiest of fashion readers. People wear glasses for a variety of different reasons, for example if they are short or long sighted and require glasses to correct their vision or on the other hand if they have really wonky cross eyed expressions - these thick readers can act as a fair deterrent - it all depends on how you 'hold' the look! :)

Sometimes "fashion" is the only reason to wear glasses and if that reflects your approach...'to accesorise to the max'...then you're gonna have to get the new funky chunk readers that I've seen at Sight Station like these sassy Kiera mauve reading glasses that appear to add 80 points on top anyone's IQ status and degree of intellectualism. Couple this with the occasional flirty smile and be safe in the knowledge that the guy you just walked past is now checking out your fine booty. Brainy is cool, sexy and brainy is seductive. What do you think to these alluring specs girls?

For people who need glasses for reading and want to look fashionable, there is a large range of funky reading glasses available to buy.  There are classic and understated designs, but also the more funky designs that will really get you noticed as a trendsetter.  For practicality and design, funky glasses are perfect...and draw droppingly lush!

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