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How to Know When You Have Become A Fashionista

8 Reasons That Self Illuminate the Fact That You Have Become A Fashionista

Ever found yourself in these situations, or saying / thinking anything remotely like the proclamations below? Are you indeed a true fashionista? The truth will out...

8 Self Realisations Proclaiming: "...ohhhh....I...AM...a Fashionista":

1.) "Buying shoes makes me the happiest person in the world."

2.) I make a conscious effort to NEVER wear bootleg cut jeans.

3.) "I have worn a lace white dress with Dr Martens."

4.) "I don't know how many shoes I wear...100 pairs...", wincing, cheeks up, tilts head with a guilty squint "...maybe more?!??"

5.) "I clear out my wardrobe every season" - out with the old, in with the new.

6.) "I recognise the fact that every wardrobe should have a well-fitted white shirt."

7.) I blog about fashion, draw sketches, dye fabrics, and attend fashion school every day.

8.) I can't look at or even talk to a bloke who has no sense of taste when it comes to clothing.

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