Funky Japanesefashion chick posing
Japanese fashionista modelling designer clothing ranges

Is the Fashion World Exclusive Anymore?

Has the fashion industry lost it's exclusivity? It's awe? It's prestige? The fashion world used to be such an elite exclusive 'invite only' place. Now with connectivity at a peak and ever increasing...has this dawn faded? Can anyone who is anyone truly BE the fashionista that they thought they were born to be? Has a new sun of bloggers, tweeters and brand ambassadors jaded the attractive, seedy, exclusive and prestigious industry - or is the TRUE world of fashion living behind a tighter knit VIP bubble? Is the red sun rising as the fashion realm closes it's new set of doors? In a industry made up of tiny taught spinning hoops of entangled rencontre luxuriously soireeing through the night - is the heart of the fashion world more tolerant or less tolerant of outsiders?

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